Private Cloud

Experience mobility, VDI, and an Application Store.

Cloud-Based Solutions


Choosing private cloud hosting shouldn't be daunting. It's crucial to select a provider capable of tailoring solutions to your unique infrastructure needs. At R3E Solutions, we excel in crafting personalized cloud solutions that align precisely with your business requirements.

Effortless Provisioning

Retain absolute control over your data and information with our automated provisioning system. Unlike other providers, we empower you to manage and oversee your data effectively. Our private cloud solution automates provisioning, facilitating hosted Microsoft Exchange, updates, application deployment, configurations, and virtual desktop environments.


Selecting the right infrastructure is crucial. Our firm allows you to tailor your infrastructure according to your business needs. With us, you can empower your clients to enjoy cloud hosting without any upfront infrastructure costs, wherever Azure is available.

Enhanced User Experience

Experience seamless usability with our cloud services. Access your cloud effortlessly through any HTML5 web browser without the need for additional add-ons. Say goodbye to time-consuming processes. With our platform, you can effortlessly manage multiple clouds on a single hardware, just like operating a regular system.

Streamlined Administration Experience

Our streamlined administration portal simplifies IT firm management. Customize user features to suit specific needs effortlessly. Each user creation automatically generates a corresponding account, facilitating individualized record-keeping and tailored settings. Manage hardware configurations seamlessly to optimize user experience. Everything is meticulously provisioned for your convenience.
Whats you need to know

Discover the Highlights

When it comes to private cloud hosting services for your company, the key lies in selecting the right hosting service provider and ensuring that it aligns with your business goals seamlessly.

Enhanced Mobility

You can significantly reduce your migration costs by utilizing software that allows access to other hardware virtually. This enables you to seamlessly operate Windows, Mac, or another OS from any HTML5 web browser, providing unmatched flexibility.

Enhanced Data Security with VDI

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) ensures heightened data security and productivity by providing users with personalized systems. With VDI, individuals can access dedicated work environments, enhancing focus and productivity while safeguarding sensitive data.

Streamlined Application Access

With our Application Store, authorized users can effortlessly customize their environments with a wide array of applications. Easily access and install business-focused applications that enhance efficiency and streamline workflows.

Robust Monitoring Capabilities

Our advanced monitoring tools allow you to closely observe and authorize the infrastructure within your data center premises. This comprehensive monitoring enhances your overall physical and virtual experience, providing you with the insights needed to troubleshoot any issues efficiently.

Comprehensive Virus and Malware Protection

Ensure the safety of your data and systems with our comprehensive virus and malware protection services. We install robust anti-virus and anti-malware software on every hardware, safeguarding your infrastructure from potential threats and vulnerabilities.

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