Dedicated Servers

Unlock unparalleled performance and security with our Lagos Dedicated Server solutions.

Dedicated Servers

Lagos Dedicated Server

Experience lightning-fast loading speeds and robust infrastructure with our Lagos Dedicated Server. Tailored to meet the unique needs of your business, our dedicated servers ensure optimal performance and reliability. Enhance data security and reduce the risk of loss with our world-class server solutions. Customize your server configuration to suit your specific requirements and enjoy seamless support from our team of experts. Trust our Lagos Dedicated Server to streamline your backend operations and drive business growth.



Dual Xeon E5620

2.4 GHz 4 cores
16 GB
HDD 2× 500 GB
Setup in 24h DETAILS

Experience Hosting Excellence

Unlock unparalleled performance and security with our state-of-the-art dedicated servers.

High-Speed Servers

Our servers have high RAM, ensuring smooth operation for high-traffic sites and robust applications.

24/7 Support

Connect with our engineers around the clock. Excellent connectivity options available via phone call, email, or online chat.

Abundant Resources

Our unique floating IPs allow flexible IP address setup for customers.

Supercharge with NVMe

Upgrade to NVMe SSD for lightning-fast performance on all our dedicated services.

Secured Environment

Our dedicated servers are installed in highly secure ISO data centers to provide top-notch security.

Private Network

Create a private network by connecting your cloud to our dedicated servers for enhanced security and performance.

Enhanced Computing with GPU

Experience enhanced computing power with our inbuilt GPU, perfect for handling rigorous workloads.

Easy Management

Our user-friendly interface makes managing your hosting infrastructure a breeze.

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